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Care Instructions For Your Soap Dispenser

Is your instant soap used up? Yay! 🎉 then it's time to refill.

To avoid loss of quality, You should clean your soap dispenser properly beforehand. Here's How It Works:

  • Clean Bottle

    Fill the bottle with water, shake well and rinse until there are no more soap residues.

    💡 Tip: the bottle is dishwasher safe. So you can easily clean them with your dishes.

  • Clean pump & cover

    Rinse out the pump with cold water and give 4-5 pumps of water until no more soap comes out.

  • Dry

    DrywWith a clean cloth.

    Important: Your soap dispenser should be completely dry before you reuse it.


FAQ About Soap Dispensers

If you have any further questions about the soap dispensers, please contact us at: Hello@nowcare.ch

Our bottles are made from PET material. Yes, plastic.

We could have used glass or aluminum to avoid plastic, but in the end we chose the material which has the lowest environmental impact when reused. And that is PET.

The pump is made of stainless steel - which means each part is separately recyclable.

More information about why we chose PET: The production of PE and PET generally requires less energy than the production of glass and tinplate and at the same time leads to a lower environmental impact from mining and metal processing.

You definitely can! However, we recommend using the Nuole soap dispensers, as the instant soaps have been tested with them and we can guarantee the best quality.