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In With The Good Stuff, Out With The stuff You Don't Need.

Our instant soaps are full of powerful plants and prebiotics - and free of harmful chemicals.

Here are the key ingredients for naturally healthy hair and skin

Prebiotics For Healthy Skin & Hair

The key to shiny skin and hair is a healthy skin barrier.

All of our products contain prebiotics to support our skin's natural barrier and keep the macrobiotics on our skin and scalp balanced.

Swiss Plant Power

Each product contains carefully selected plants that have superpowers for the body, hair or hands.

Instead of growing plants on the other side of the world, we only use those that grow here in Switzerland.

How many of these do you have in your garden?

Discover all the plants here now:


  • Peppermint 🌿

    ...detoxifies and stimulates hair growth

  • Clary Sage

    ...helps balance the scalp's sebum production

  • Brennessel Shampoo, pulver shampoo
    Brennessel Shampoo, pulver shampoo

    Nettle 🌿

    ... helps to strengthen the hair fiber and slow down hair loss.

Shower Gel

  • Mallow Blossom 🌸

    ...soothes and nourishes the skin

  • Hemp Oil 🍀

    ...helps to preserve the moisture content of the skin and make it soft again.

  • Wild Monard 🌹

    ...invigorates the skin and smells pleasantly fresh

  • Bergamot Mint 🌿

    ...invigorates the spirit and smells like summery citrus fruits

Hand Soap

  • Real Lavender

    ...regenerates and clears the skin

  • Swiss Pine 🌲

    ...has an antibacterial, antiseptic and cleansing effect

Our No-Go List

Here are the ingredients you will never find in our products, Because they either harm you or our planet. Mostly both.

‍🚫 Parabens.

🚫 Endocrine disruptors.

🚫 Animal ingredients.

🚫 Synthetic fragrances.

🚫 Silicones.

🚫 Paraffins.

🚫 Palm oil.

🚫 Polyethylene glycol and PEG derivatives.

🚫 Benzyl Alcohol.

🚫 Microplastics.

🚫 Sulfates. sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS), sodium myreth sulfate (SMS), sodium coco sulfate (SCS).