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What is Nuole (formerly NOW Care)?

🌟 Discover Nuole – Our new chapter begins!

It is with great joy and a touch of nostalgia that we would like to announce an exciting change: “NOW Care” is now called Nuole! 🎉

Why Nuole?

Nuole – simple and unique, inspired by the lightness of a cloud.

Nuole stands for a harmonious combination of naturalness and high-quality ingredients. It is a symbol of our ongoing commitment to developing products from Switzerland that protect you and the environment. With Nuole we reaffirm our promise to enrich your life with quality and sustainability. 🇨🇭✨

What changes for you?

In our hearts we remain the same: towards quality and respect obliges the environment. 🌱

Our mission remains unchanged: We continue to offer you the same, high-quality products you know and love. Our ingredients, our commitment to sustainability and our attention to detail remain the same. What changes is our name – a symbol of our growth and development.

Two questions from two founders

We are Claire and Larina - founders of Nuole from Lausanne & Biel.

Three years ago, two questions bothered us so much that we didn't want to sit around any longer.

First: Why do we transport water around the world when we all have it at home? 😵‍💫 And secondly: What exactly do we put on our bodies when we shower?

That's why we set out on the adventure of developing the most effective and sustainable care products.

🤸🏼‍♀️ After 2.5 years of development, our personal care product for mixing with water was created. Since the end of 2022 you have been able to order your powdery adventure here on the website.

And since August 2023 we have even been in all Coop cities in Switzerland!


In order to put our idea into practice, we need the right partners.

People who share our philosophy and are ready to take the leap to a new way of caring for their bodies.

And that's exactly what we found!

In addition, as a small company, we want to produce and source where we sell.

Thanks to our wonderful development and production partners in Switzerland, we can keep transport routes as short as possible.

We send all orders with a lot of love Partner foundation ARWO packed.

It's made of soap

We wanted to create a solution to CO₂ emissions and plastic waste in the self-care industry that was so easy to use that we could all use it.

This meant that any soap alternative had to foam and be liquid.

All while your hair feels healthy and looks amazing.

🥊 Not that easy, but #challengeaccepted.

The result is our instant soaps!

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