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In 3 steps to your liquid body care

Here you will find your step-by-step instructions for mixing your instant soaps.

Step 1: A sip of water

Add a good sip of water to the bottle.

This makes mixing even easier and ensures that none of your valuable powder sticks to the bottom.

Step 2: Instant Powder

Pour instant powder from the compostable sachet into the bottle. Thanks to the wide opening of our bottles, this is child's play.

Note: 1 refill pack must be used completely (i.e. do not make several small products at once).

Step 3: Tap water

Fill the soap dispenser up to the mark with tap water (this corresponds to 200 ml).

💧 Note about water temperature: We designed our product so that you can use cold or lukewarm water that comes straight from the tap. This saves you water because you don't have to wait for the perfect temperature first.

If you use your own soap dispenser, simply add 190ml water to your instant powder.

Step 4: Shake and you're done!

Put the pump on and close it tightly.

Shake the whole thing well and sing Happy Birthday once. 🎶 This corresponds to approx. 15 seconds.

🎉Your hand soap, shampoo or shower gel is ready!

After a few hours the perfect mixture, consistency and airy foam formation is achieved.

Once mixed, your liquid is Instant soap lasts for 9 months.