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  • Handseifen Refills Sparset Nuole
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  • Handseifen Refills Sparset NOW Care

Hand Soap Refills Bundle

Your hand soap refill set economy set with 4 hand soap refills of 200ml each for well-groomed and sustainably clean hands - in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

Stock up for the next few months and save big

💐 The savings bundle includes: 4x hand soap refills

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    Fresh lavender and calming pine

    Here's how it works

    🌿 Pour the Nuole instant powder from the compostable sachet into your reusable Nuole soap dispenser.

    🌿 Add tap water (tip: add a drop of water beforehand so that the powder doesn't stick to the bottom)

    🌿 Shake the bottle well and enjoy your liquid and beautifully foamy liquid Liquid soap!

    💡 The mixed instant soap reaches the ideal consistency after a few hours. But you can use them immediately.


    85% less transport emissions

    95% less plastic thanks to reusable bottle and compostable bag

    Developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

    INCI list
    • Without artificial fragrances
    • With Swiss plants
    • Vegan & cruelty-free
    • Without sulfates & parabens

    CHF 38.00

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Eveline H. (Bern, CH)
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    10 (sehr wahrscheinlich)
    Source: Wemakeit Crowdfunding

    Super dass ihr die Verpackung in der Grösse angepasst habt.

    Anonym (Lausanne, CH)
    Recommendation :
    (0) Non vraiment pas
    10 (Oui c’est sur !)
    Source: Crowdfunding sur wemakeit

    Les trois produits sont parfaits. Merci

    P.W. (Basel, CH)
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    10 (sehr wahrscheinlich)
    Source: Zeitung / Online Magazin

    Mein Physio ist Total überzeugt von der Qualität der Produkte und wird sie auch in der Praxis Weiterempfehlen .

    Melanie Theler (Lausanne, CH)
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    10 (sehr wahrscheinlich)
    Source: Jemand hat mir davon erzählt / Weiterempfehlung

    Instant Handseifen Set

    TheMunty (Zurich, CH)
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    10 (sehr wahrscheinlich)
    Improvements: Ev mit der Idee spielen, eine Glasflasche anzubieten anstatt der Plastikflasche.
    Source: Social Media
    Tolles Produkt

    Sie Idee mit dem Pulver in ner Papiertüte ist schon sehr nice. Flasche-Pulver-Wasser uns shake it…
    Das Dusch riecht sehr angenehm erfrischend, schäumt und ich benutze es meistens mit ner Duschbürste.
    Obwohl es sich beim abwaschen leicht ölig anfühlt, danach ist der Effekt weg.
    Würde ich wieder bestellen.

    Die Handseife leider noch nicht getestet.

    Feel and look fantastic - but natural!

    Smooth and beautifully shiny hair? Soft and moisturized skin? Of course!

    The Nuole instant soaps clean your hair and body gently and naturally.

    Naturally highly effective formula

    We combine local plants in innovative ways - for clean body care and a wonderful feeling after showering.

    Our powder soaps are full of high-quality plants and prebiotics that nourish your hair and skin. No plants from the other side of the world and certainly no nasty chemicals.

    Powder becomes liquid body care - child's play!

    Rich foaming shampoo and gentle body care - without changing your shower routine.

    Simply mix with water and you can enjoy your shower as usual.

    Rinses clean and Leaves no traces hair and body soft and supple.

    Our no-go list

    You will never find these ingredients in our products. Because they either harm you or our planet. Mostly both.

    So fart on the train!!

    ‍🚫 Parabens.

    🚫 Endocrine disruptors.

    🚫 Animal ingredients.

    🚫 Synthetic fragrances.

    🚫 Silicones.

    🚫 Paraffins.

    🚫 Palm oil.

    🚫 Polyethylene glycol and PEG derivatives.

    🚫 Benzyl alcohol.

    🚫 Microplastics.

    🚫 Sulfates. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLES), Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS), Sodium Myreth Sulfate (SMS), Sodium Coconut Sulfate (SCS).